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13 November, 2016

Introducing our brand new division: Hearthstone!

Dragon have had its eyes set on Hearthstone for a very long time now so it’s no surprise that we’re very proud to finally bring you our first player in our brand new division. Introducing, TicTac!. TicTac is Hearthstone player from Belgium, young but already known to the scene. He is someone we believe can represent our colours well, and, more importantly, be the first member to pioneer Dragon in this first game.

You’ll be able to see him in action very soon, when he attends Dreamhack Winter this month from the 24th to the 27th. We’ve got more events lined up for him which we will be announcing soon enough. We wish him good luck for the upcoming events and don’t forget to follow him on Twitch and Twitter!

Nicolas “TicTac” Gillet had this to say:

I started playing Hearthstone in the closed beta, and it was the first cardgame I ever played. Even though I started out by playing games like Starcraft and League of Legends, I liked the game instantly. Over time I started reaching legend rank every season, using many different classes, and people started knowing about me. After that I started streaming more and wanted to play Hearthstone competitively. Together with Dragon I believe I can become a major player on the EU scene, and I’m excited for what the future brings.

Statement by Francisco “Shacabau” Sousa

Hearthstone has always been a priority for Dragon and with TicTac, we feel are on the right track to start a division that will, without a doubt, bring a lot of good things to the team and represent our flag in an extremely popular game we’ve always wanted to get into. We also believe TicTac is the right guy for the job of pioneering our project and are tremendously excited to see him representing us this month already, at Dreamhack Winter!