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10 June, 2016

We Are Legion is a column with the goal of introducing you some of the members that will make up our roster in the upcoming World of Warcraft’s expansion:- Legion.

Today we bring you our Restoration Shaman Dunderz. Dunderz is one of our most veteran raiders having joined the guild during the first tier of Mists of Pandaria. After applying for a healer position at a time where we weren’t recruiting, we saw the potential for a future strong choice for the roster and accepted Dunderz as a DPS. Two bosses later we were already using his full potential and the final result was a very well ranked kill, at the time, on the last boss of Terrace of Endless Springs: Sha of Fear. To know more, feel free to visit his profile right here on Dragon’s website.



1 – Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Hugo Mellnãs, I’m 23 and I live in Stocholm, Sweden. I play Dunderz in World of Warcraft, a Restoration Shaman, for Dragon. I’ve been in the guild since 2012 after my old guild SlashCry disbanded. A friend of mine suggested that I should submit an application so I did and have been in Dragon ever since!


2 – You Joined the team back in Mogu’shan Vaults – What are your memories from that time and what are the main differences in the team then and now. 

The guild has been very stable over the years so things changed very smoothly but I do have some memories. I remember thinking, right after I joined, that our main tank Feyd was scary. He was very quiet and I didn’t know what to expect. I also remember being late for Elite Protectors because I was playing Metal Gear Solid wiich didn’t really work out so well for me!

The thing I remember the most and am grateful for experiencing and being a part of, was the transition from a lesser hardcore guild to a very good one. Back then the guild was constantly hitting walls, finding new challenges. Today, we always feel we can kill a boss at any point. Preparation has increased, our roster got better and overall it’s been a great journey that has proven how much we have improved.


Today, we always feel we can kill a boss at any point.


3 – Hellfire Citadel was Dragon’s best tier yet. Tell us a little about your experience during last tier’s progress.

I think this tier has been amazing! It felt really good to blaze through the first few mythic bosses which made me feel like we were in a better shape than ever and with a better roster. The moment I realized we had a chance at a really good spot was when we killed Mannoroth, one week before our direct competition and without the legendary ring. That was a turning point for me and we managed to get a World 9th which was a first for us.

I also feel that we had a better approach, much better preparation and better players this time around, allowing us to not fall behind during progress. Whenever we got to a boss, it made sense, we never hit a roadblock. I think we played as a real team this time and it was very enjoyable for me. I didn’t like the instance a lot but the way we handled it made it up to me. This expansion, I liked Blackrock Foundry and I think my favourite fight was Mannoroth.


4 – You’re known for being very loyal to your class and role. What have been the main benefits and challenges of playing the same class for so long?

I realize I’m not the most versatile healer in our roster but the experience I’ve gotten with my Shaman also allows me to gain some advantages. I’ve benefit from playing a class that has been rather useful this expansion which allowed us to get stability in our healing setup and plan our cooldowns in a very consistent way. Even when I feel that my Paladin would be better for an encounter, I feel the routines I have with my Shaman allow me to maximize my output and let me focus on other things in the fight, which can sometimes help a lot with our strategy for the encounter.

I would have to try hard a new class to see if Shaman is my call but since I’ve played it or so long now, I think it’d be hard for me to tell. I do however, prefer the reactive kind of healing to absorbs and direct heals to healing over time so I think the playstyle suits me well.


I think we played as a real team this time and it was very enjoyable for me. I didn’t like the instance a lot but the way we handled it made it up to me.


5 – Finally and after the small raiding experience we’ve had on the Test Realm, what are your thoughts on Legion and what are your expectations for yourself and Dragon next tier?

It’s impossible to tell right now but I think that looking at Shamans, all they’ve done was to deeply remodel our talent tree giving us a gap closer, a really cool artifact trait for burst healing and removing a lot of unnecessary things. I also think that my cooldowns remained fairly strong while other healers had some of theirs nerfed slightly.

Raid wise I think instances look cool. We didn’t test many encounters (editor’s note: This interview was originally published in Issue #1 of Dragon Magazine. At the time, Dragon had only tested 3 encounters) but I think that Legion bosses might be the next step in how encounters are designed. Some bosses in the past had a lot of complexity without making it harder, just more clunky, whereas in Legion I’m hopeful that things will be better. Overall, I’m excited about the looks of the expansion, in and out of raids.