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17 April, 2017

Last weekend Insomnia 60 brought a lot of action for our HS and CSGO teams!In another very busy weekend for all of Dragon’s divisions, we attended the 60th installation of the Insomnia Gaming Festivalwith both our CSGO and Hearthstone players, in three days with lots of games, meeting new people and ultimately, cimenting our position as a regular presence in the UK’s largest gaming festival.



it was the first major offline event for our young Belgium Hearthstone player Nicolas “TicTac” Gillet and he couldn’t have started his path better than it did at i60. With the first day consisting of a event-wide swiss round, TicTac managed to finish it with a total of 6 wins out of 6 games and guaranteeing not only the first position but also managing to avoid the favourite GreenSheep on the elimination bracket that was going to take place the next day. The final score for the day would be a total of 6 victories, 18 rounds won and only 6 lost.

Second day saw the top 16 players from the swiss round battle it out on the elimination bracket. Starting off with a clean 3:1 win over Fridgecake in a rematch from swiss round, the next two games were close with a 3:2 win over Munch, followed by a 2:3 loss versus Tyrant which sent TicTac down to the Lower Bracket. With a top 6 place guaranteed, the next game saw our boy take another clean 3:1 win over Falco followed by a close 3:2 win versus danswf, in the game that gave access to the Loser’s Bracket final. There, a rematch versus Tyrant that had originally sent TicTac down to the Loser’s Bracket was waiting but this time the outcome finished in our favor, in another close but convincing 3:2 win, and a ticket directly to the Grand Final.

The grand final was, as predicted, against GreenSheep, which unfortunately took it 1:3, guaranteeing our player the second place in his first major event ever! Overall a great result, and a promise of more to come 




The second event of our CSGO boys following the participation at epicLAN 20 in February saw a different lineup. Attending i60 with f00b, maarc, jamesta, hayden and mitchen we started the event with a 15th seed, and in group O with We Got Thiswhy so Syriaous and Pure Yoy.

We went relatively unscathed through groups, getting the qualification easily with three straight wins and a 16:10, 16:1 and 16:1 record in maps. Following group play, the next match would be the first Bo3 of the event, and access to the final elimination bracket. With a loss meaning the end of the road for our boys, we took the series 2:0 after a 16:11 and a 16:5 wins against one of the many mix teams at the event, and guaranteeing a second presence in the final stages of an Insomnia tournament in two straight events.

Moving on to the elimination bracket, draw did not smile on us as we got matched with the first seed at the venue, fm-eSports, which resulted in a 0:2 early loss, and a ticket to the Losers Bracket. There, we were matched against The Last Resortwhere we ultimately fell after a 0:2 loss, and resulting in Dragon’s elimination from the CSGO tournament, with a 12th to 16th finish. 

GGWP to everyone at the event, we’ll see you at the next one!