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26 June, 2016

We are announcing that we are now accepting applications for any ambitious and competitive Overwatch team out there, interested in participating in upcoming online and offline events. As we are still in the process of rebranding in an attempt to expand to other divisions, we would like to explore talent and opportunities, within a new but already incredibly promising title.

Each team application will be considered and the terms of our offer will be discussed with the team. There is no deadline for the decision and the position will be filled once we receive an application we are happy with. We will also continue our scouting in the meantime. Applications must have the following requirements:

  • Fluency in English.
  • European or North American.
  • A positive attitude and the ability to communicate with staff in Dragon regularly.
  • The ability to improve, discuss solutions and adapt to adversity.
  • The ability to remain professional and the willingness to represent Dragon’s colors for the full duration of the contract.


Please send any application to with the following format:

  • Name, Age and Nationality of each member.
  • Brief description of the team’s history.
  • Brief description of each of member’s history and past accomplishments and/or games.
  • Any past participations in online or offline events (in Overwatch or other games).
  • The reason we should consider you.
  • The fastest way to contact the team captain or representative (email, real ID, skype, etc)


If we are happy with your application, expect an answer and a formal offer from us. Good luck!