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21 September, 2016

For Emerald Dream heroic splits and mythic progress we will have plenty of people bringing you the action live on both Twitch and Beam! All roles are covered so tune in and watch your favourite one play the game at the highest level. We’ll have a few of our players live streaming every day all sorts of activities from questing to raiding or Mythic+! Check below for information and link to each of the streams:


warlock_1Davex (

Davex is our veteran streamer and plays DPS on his Destruction Warlock. Coming to you from Sweden, he’s joined Dragon in January 2016 and has been streaming World of Warcraft actively for several years.


20141119011457457Mach (

Mach is one of the most veteran raiders in the guild and has played in Dragon for almost 4 years. He plays DPS on his Balance Druid. If you’re looking for some moonkin action, this guy goes four for you.


deathknight_15Shacabau (

Shacabau is the Guild Master of Dragon. He plays Tank on his Blood Death Knight. Coming into this expansion things have now changed and now he has also embraced the power of Illidan, and some of the light, in both his Demon Hunter and his Protection Paladin.


paladiniconAjwon (

Ajwon is our versatile healer and you will probably see him switching classes between tiers and expansions. He plays Healer on his Holy Paladin. In Hellfire Citadel he played a Mistweaver Monk that has since been benched due to unfortunate changes (or lack thereof) by Blizzard.


635307325522553001Tekc (

Tekc is the Healing Officer of Dragon. He plays Healer on his Holy Priest but you will definitely see him playing all his other healers at some point during this expansion. If you are interested in what a healing officer does in a top guild you should check him out.


shaman_5Dunderz (

Dunderz is also one of our veterans, joining us right at the start of Mists of Pandaria. He plays Healer on his Restoration Shaman and has been extremely loyal to his class since early Wrath of the Lich King, still going strong all these years later.