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2 September, 2016

A new era for Dragon as we get for the first time into CSGO.

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the first addition to our divisions in the form of Counterstrike: Global Offensive. The process was a long one but we’re now confident we found the right guys for the job in the form of the old ROYALS team. 

ROYALS have been getting some attention over the course of their fantastic ESEA Open campaign, occupying the top spots for the majority of the season, and most recently, the qualification for the ESL UK Premiership, second round. In addition to the EPS, the team will also be present at epic19 in October and finally at Insomnia 59 at the end of the year, at the NEC in Birmingham. Our lineup will be stylez, J4ck, neph, kpiz and Tesquo. You can see more information about the guys here.


Statement by Jack “kpiz” Pragnell:

“After epic17 Jack and I weren’t happy with the placings we’d got and set out to make a new line-up, instead of being a mix without practice, we decided to put the effort in and take it seriously. We formed in February and have been pushing online results, now we’re happy with our stable roster we’re keen to see what damage we can do offline – I’d like to thank the guys here at Dragon eSports for giving us this opportunity to do so, I’d also like to express our excitement for working with Dragon in online/offline events throughout the rest of the year.”


Statement by Francisco “Shacabau” Sousa:

“Took us a while but we’re very happy with the outcome. The new CSGO team will allow us to be present in one of the games we’ve followed and wanted to get in for years and we’re incredibly excited about the the upcoming games, especially epic19, i59 and the EPS. We’re all confident this new partnership will be a very positive one and can’t wait to see the guys in action.”