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6 December, 2016

All the coverage for the last main event of 2016 for our CS:GO team!

*UPDATING* It’s less than a week now for the last main event of the year. For the first time under Dragon’s tag, our CSGO team will be attending their first Insomnia 59. Attending the highest offline UK event was a goal for our CSGO division and now we’ll finally get to see our guys in action! 

The event will take place on the 9th to the 12th at the NEC in Birmingham, you’ll be able to follow the event and get all the coverage from matches and players, we’ll be attending with our full CSGO lineup: stylez, J4ck, neph, kpiz and Tesquo. #GGWP!


Groups are out! We were placed with KingsUnite.Pro, SoulZz, ProficiencyHQ, cooL-Gaming and NSG Academy! 

Rank Team W L P
1 Dragon         5 0 15
2 4 SoulZz 4 1 12
3 KingsUnite.Pro 3 2 9
4 cooL-Gaming 2 3 6
5 NSG Academy 1 4 3
6 ProficiencyHQ 0 5 0

We went through group stage unscathed. The game against KingsUnite.Pro saw our boys conceding a few more rounds even if still winning with a convincing 16:12 but the remaining matches all went down flawlessly, with very few rounds conceded. The group was over for our boys with 5 wins in 5 games, and saw 4 SoulZz and KingsUnite.Pro taking the remaining qualification spots.

The day was not over though. Very late in the night, and all the way up to 2 am, we played the initial two best of threes in the elimination bracket. This time, our initial opponent was Pugstars, which resulted in a 2:0 win for our guys. The following match was against London LYNX, first place in their group, and also resulted in a 2:0 clean win, after convincing train and cobblestone maps. The first day was over, our boys had finished with 7Ws and no maps conceded, and it’s now time for a deserved rest.


More elimination matches today! The day started with a loss against favourites Team Endpoint, which sent us to the lower bracket. In there, the first round we had the chance to meet Dog, the same team that took us out of Epic, earlier in the week. In a good display of skill and progress for our team, we took them down with a convincing 2:0 and moved on to face Xenex. Unfortunately for us, the game did not go our way and we were taken out after a 16:4 and a 16:8 map series. Overall, a top 8 finish for our CSGO team. Some of the goals we set out to accomplish this year were reached and we’re certainly looking forward to the future.

We’ll see you in the next one!