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21 February, 2017

Missed last week’s epicLAN action for our CSGO boys? Revisit some of the best moments of Dragon at the event!

If you missed all the action, last weeked we saw a new edition of epicLAN and as a relatively recent tradition, our CSGO boys were present at the event, once again competing for a good placement. Attending the event with f00b, mitchen, jamesta, walkeR and Syphon we were seeded #11 – expected for a relatively new team with only a few competitions under their belt. We were placed in quite possibly the hardest group at the event with the likes of a exceL/Endpoint mix and SKUM Gaming, seeded #1 and #6 respectively.

Day one started with a BYE early in the morning, while we waited for our competition for the second match – SKUM Gaming. SKUM took it with a 16:9 win but we managed to turn the overall group score back to a 2/1/0 with a convincing 16:5 win in the following match again Kermit, on cbblestone. Seed #1 in the tournament – exceL/Endpoint mix – was the next opponent and unfortunately, we couldn’t go further than a 7:16 loss on dust2. With a 2/2/0 group stage, we were forced to win the last match in order to go through and managed to, taking a 16:10 win against SuckerPunch, and reserving a spot in the playoffs.


Shuffle the teams for the first playoff bracket, and we’re once agained match against SKUM, in a rematch of the group stage. After an initial match where our team only managed to take one round from SKUM, we managed a very nice comeback in the following dust2 match but fell short by only 2 rounds, with a 13:16 score going SKUM’s way, and finishing the series 0:2.

We start day 2 with the first match in the Lower Bracket against Warhogs and manage to take the series 2:0 with a 16:5 and a 16:13 wins meeting ProjectX for the first LB’s Quarter Finals. Unfortunately, we start the series with a 16:4 loss and despite putting up a hell of a fight in the following match on dust2, we give away a very large lead and allow the recovery for the ProjectX boys, losing the series 0:2, in what would be our last game in the tournament, and leaving us with a 9th to 12th placement.

Overall, this epicLAN was the first event for our new CSGO team and some series definitely showed some promising signs we’ll without a doubt build on. The next LAN is coming up in April, with Insomnia 60 and we’ll once again be there, battling it out for a better final placement.