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23 October, 2016

It’s now been a week since our CSGO team was at epic.nineteenHere’s the review and some of our team’s thoughts!

In what was the first LAN event we got to see our boys at, we finished with a 5/6th placement. If you didn’t get to follow the coverage on our Twitter page, the group stage went as expected. We were placed in the same group as Armchair Athletes and Late Night Teckies Drive and went through it with 2 clean wins. The remaining groups also went as expected, with no major surprises going into the Elimination Brackets where our first opponent would be uFragDespite putting up a solid performance on the second map, the series did not go our way and we went down to Loser’s Bracket early in the playoffs with a 2-0 defeat. 

The following match was against Team Odin Esports with a convicing 2-0 win and two very strong maps from our boys, sending us through in the bracket towards the Loser’s Bracket Semi Finals. There, we faced DOG who after a very close and exciting three map series and a very close last game, went on to finish the event in the third place, after a 1-2 defeat against the team that would later take the gold – Bulldog Esports.

We took the time to sit down with two of our guys – Jack “kpiz” Pragnell and Christian “stylez” Hart and got their opinions on the event:


1 – How did you rate epic.19?

JP: It was a smaller event with all the teams sat near each-other, it created a good atmosphere in close games with some shouting between teams to get into their head, so yeah overall i enjoyed the event.

CH: I’d give epic 19 a solid 8/10. Event ran pretty smoothly, only minor down times. Food was reasonable, parking was in an abundance… And there was some pretty good games going too.


2- With the tournament now over and after going through some really close series – especially the last 2 games in the losers bracket – how do you rate your overall performance?

JP: Unfortunately not as happy as I’d like to be with our performance as we really threw that first nuke game vs dog gaming and some could say the 2 3v1’s we lost on overpass was a throw in itself too, however it wasn’t all bad we were winning rounds executing well and the comms were good however I’d be lying if i were to tell you i was really happy with our finish as i think on a different day we beat dog gaming 2-0 to go through the losers bracket and from then anything could’ve happened, overall 5/6th wasn’t the worst of performances however feel like we could’ve gone further.

CH: Disappointing result even though it was close, we threw some must win rounds that snowballed us down into poor economy and subsequent round losses. It was such a close event skill wise, anyone could of taken gold in the top 8, just unfortunately wasn’t us bringing it on the day. Not a bad first lan overall, lots taken away to work on.


3 – Looking back, is there anything you feel could have been improved or something you would change if you could go back?

JP: There’s always minor improvements to be made in counter strike however if i were to pick one thing to really go back and drill before epic.19 it would definitely have to be after-plant situations on nuke as we were 14-10 up on the t side to then get the bomb down almost every round but still managing to lose the map 16-14.

CH: Broaden our map pool – We need to become more of a threat on the oddball maps so we’re not so easily veto’d out. The introduction of the new inferno should favour us a great deal, provided dust2 is purged.


4 – What’s next to look forward to with Dragon.CSGO?

JP: After a horror start in the ESEA Main season of going 0/4 we have managed to bring it back to 5/4 with 5 wins on the bounce, so hopefully we’ll continue to drive all the way to play-offs, as for offline events with Dragon.CSGO we are looking to work on our weaknesses and come back stronger than ever at Insomnia 59!

CH: The Multiplay i-Series in December.