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8 January, 2017

We’re back to CSGO with a team for the next two main UK events of 2017.

We’re back to CSGO and ready to announce that, representing us at the upcoming epicTWENTY and Insomnia 60 in February, and April respectively, will be the old IWT team.

The boys have recently gotten back to action and had been looking for an organisation to represent in the upcoming LANs. The goals, ambition and attitude were definitely compatible with that of Dragon’s and we are very happy to have a team of such experience LAN players. The team’s main goals will be both offline events, epic20 and i60 but expect us to be a regular presence at the majority of the UK qualifiers. The players representing us will be:


  • Jay “f00b” Davenport
  • James “Jamesta” Granata
  • Mitchell “Mitch” Harrop
  • Sami “walker” Grey
  • Andrew “Syphon” Blooman


We appreciate the numerous applications we got for the position and we’re sorry we couldn’t reply to all of you. The search for a CSGO team is now over and you can find more information about the guys here. Thank you!


Statement by Jay “f00b” Davenport:

“The start of 2017 represents the beginning of a few exciting months for the UKCSGO scene with some great online and offline tournaments and we are proud to have linked up with such a fantastic organisation in Dragon. They match our aspiration of making waves in the UK scene and with their support the sky’s the limit, I guess we’ll have to start trying now though…”

Statement by Francisco “Shacabau” Sousa:

“We’re extremely happy to have signed the old IWT roster. Stability  and experience has always been one of our priorities as an UK organisation and it’s always a great advantage to have a a team that’s been there before and accumulated a lot of LAN experience. We are confident 2017 will be a great year for Dragon and CSGO and hope we can keep getting your support in the LANs ahead.”